YDreams Global presents an Interactive exhibition on Oscar Niemeyer, icon of modern architecture


In a new approach to Niemeyer´s 104 years of life and career, the premiere will be held in Curitiba, southern Brazil, on September 29. The event will take place in the museum named after him, under the sponsorship of Groups such as Volvo, Grupo Roca and Solvay.

What does the United Nations building in New York have in common with the Sambadrome, venue of Rio´s world famous carnival? Both masterpieces are creations of Oscar Niemeyer, one of the greatest architects of all time, who had a key role in shaping the concepts of modern architecture. The legacy of his 104 years of life and career will now be presented in Curitiba, one of Brazil´s southern state capitals, in an interactive exhibition to be presented in the museum named after him. The new approach to the Niemeyer legacy was created and assembled by YDreams Global, technology and design agency, focused on innovation and recently listed on TSX Ventures in a reverse merger with Apple Capital Inc. The project sponsors are Volvo do Brasil, Grupo Roca and Solvay with investments of over R$ 2 million.

The opening event, scheduled for September 29, will present the venue covering over 400 square meters in one of the main galleries of the Museu Oscar Niemeyer (MON). Daniel Japiasisu, Chief-Executive- Officer (CEO) of YDreams Global, explains that the main goal of the exhibition is to offer a complete review of the Niemeyer legacy to the new generations, highlighting the essence of his humanism. “We want to show the key points of his work in an entertaining and instructive way in the free formats that were his main feature. We shall highlight the universal reach of his craft that is present in many constructions worldwide”, says Japiassu.

Videos with testimonials of key personalities in the life as Niemeyer, will be at the entrance of the exhibition. The Niemeyer curves endowed Brasilia with a sweeping grace. This city, designed to be the nation’s capital when it was moved from Rio de Janeiro, opened up Brazil’s vast interior in the 1960s. Niemeyer designed most of the city’s important buildings, while the French-born architect Lucio Costa crafted its distinctive aeroplane-wing layout. Niemeyer left his mark on the flowing concrete outlines of the cabinet ministries and the monumental dome of the national museum. Niemeyer shrugged off the criticism of those who perceived Brasilia as a city without a soul by saying: “If you go to Brasilia you might not like it; say there’s something better, but there’s nothing just like it.” At the age of 98 he said to local press: “I search for surprise in my architecture. A work of art should cause the emotion of newness.”

Part of his international career came about as a result of the 1964 coup that plunged Brazil into a 21-year military dictatorship. Niemeyer, a lifelong assumed communist, decided to spend more time in Europe. While living in France in 1965, he designed the headquarters of the French Communist party. During the dictatorship he also designed the Mondadori publishing house center in Italy, Constantine University in Algeria and other projects in Israel, Lebanon, Germany and Portugal. Among his awards were the gold medal from the American Institute of Architecture in 1970; the Pritzker architecture prize from Chicago’s Hyatt Foundation in 1988, and the gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1998.

In the “Endless Inspiration” section, Japiassu also highlights some of Niemeyer´s projects that never came to life, by exhibiting sketches of dream crafts such as a submarine city entitled “City of Future”.

A model will present all the highlights of his career, with choreographies and sketches of his main constructions, where visitors will digitally be able to make the correct correlations. Interactive showcases, a digital quiz and an easy recognition system will reproduce the image of visitors with some of Niemeyer’s famous quotes such as “Right angles don’t attract me. Nor straight, hard and inflexible lines created by man”, as he wrote in his 1998 memoir, The Curves of Time. “What attracts me are free and sensual curves. The curves we find in mountains, in the waves of the sea, in the body of the woman we love.”

Visitors will be able to take pictures with images of Niemeyer´s creations and immediately share the experience on their social networks with a potential viral effect.

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