YDreams Global Launches New Project for Qualcomm

YDreams Global is proud to announce that has once again teamed up with Qualcomm Inc at Futurecom, the largest Latin American telecommunications fair, hosted by São Paulo this year. With impactful design and a dynamic lighting system that changes colours as an interactive response to visitors, Qualcomm’s display reached media highlights for the second year in a row.

YDreams’ key goal was to increase Qualcomm’s visibility at the event through interactive experiences. This year the visitors were able to obtain information and knowledge of Qualcomm’s 5G technology. The interaction took place through a kiosk integrated into the structure of the booth, that used LED lights to direct the visitors’ eyes to look at a large screen where the related content was being exhibited in colours that changed according to the visitors’ choice. “We designed the space so that these features could be seen from any spot of the event”, says Daniel Japiassu, CEO for YDreams Global.

Allan Gianrossi, Qualcomm marketing executive for Latin America, praised the partnership with YDreams Global for the successful participation of the company in the last two years at FutureCom. “In addition to their competence, YDreams understands our business and was able to use the best technology to achieve our key goals in this event that is of strategic importance to us. We are very happy with the results delivered in these two years working together”, says Gianrossi.

Japiassu explained that the bold design YDreams created for Qualcomm delivered in the FutureCom editions and the interactive experiences developed by YDreams Global have helped the company to present their new products to the new world connected by the Internet of Things.

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