YDreams Global Creates an Innovative Interactive Experience for Rio de Janeiro’s Energy Museum

YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSXV: YD) (FSE: APYYD) (“YDreams Global” or the “Company”), wishes to announce that it has created innovative interactive features for the Light Museum in Rio de Janeiro (the “Museum”). The Museum is sponsored by Light – one of the main electricity distribution companies responsible for supplying power to over 10 million consumers in the city. YDreams Global, creative and technological partner of the project, has completed a major revamping of the Museum’s facilities by introducing state-of-the-art interactive features that will be presented to visitors. “The key goal of this museum is to teach new generations the basic concepts of energy transformation and its safe, efficient usage in immersive and interactive forms which is one of our fields of expertise,” explains Daniel Japiassu, YDreams Global’s CEO.

Light commissioned YDreams to renew traditional attractions in addition to creating new experiences such as electronic games, multimedia panels and historical artefacts distributed in a covered area of approximately 3,000 square meters (32,292 square feet).

“The increase in turnout has confirmed that the interactive immersive environment that YDreams has created for the Museum has been a success in increasing traffic to the Museum. This validates YDreams value to show that the interactive and virtual reality experiences that YDreams creates tend to generate a significant increase in attendance and potential revenues for our clients,” states Mr. Japiassu.