YDreams Global Creates Concept Space Inside Exhibition About Steve Jobs

YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. , a creative and technology supplier for Fortune 500 brands such as Cisco, Qualcomm, Intel and Coca-Cola, created a concept area with interactive activities, including a Virtual Reality experience to be part of the “Steve Jobs: The Visionary” Exhibit, in São Paulo. The project is part of an initiative from one of Brazil’s major banks, which is a sponsor of the event.

The Company was hired to create a new area for the exhibit to one of its main sponsors, namely one of Brazil’s top-level banks. Besides setting up the VR Experience for part of the exhibit, YDreams Global created Live Displays to show the bank’s newest innovations and play tribute to the visionary founder of Apple.

YDreams Global’s CEO, Daniel Japiassú, highlights the Company’s role in promoting the bank’s platform in such a prestigious exhibition: “Steve Jobs was one of the most inspirational and innovative minds of our generation. It is an honor to create a virtual reality exhibit that tells his story and inspires others to follow his footsteps. Our clients demonstrated that they support innovation and entrepreneurs by sponsoring this event. Every brand today is expected to adapt and reinvent itself on a daily basis, and our technology and the work we do in YDreams are part of this transformation. YDreams continues to create multiple VR/AR experiences, and we feel that 2017 may be a breakout year for the Company.”

The exhibit will take place from June 15th to August 20th. It will be focused on Steve Jobs’ story as an innovator and entrepreneur. The event will be seen in multiple countries and many thousands of visitors are expected to attend this edition.