Olympic City Knowledge Square, that has YDreams Global as technological partner, opens for the Rio 2016

With over 2.000 m², it is expected that the social project receives 2.000 visitors per day during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Science and Technology Secretary of the Rio de Janeiro city hall is responsible for venture that will be managed by IDACO

A unique venture in all South America, the awarded Rio de Janeiro Knowledge Squares social project presented their 9th unit right beside the stadium that will host all the athletics competitions during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The Cidade Olímpica unit (Olympic City) has YDreams Global (www.ydreamsglobal.com.br) as creative and technological partner, responsible for the exhibition and cenographic concepts. Social and digital inclusion are the key goal of the project from it´s very beginning, offering all the community youngsters educational opportunities in science and technology with last generation facilities. Embratel, Intel e Cisco are also partners providing technology and telecommunication infrastructure. The Institute for Development and Community Action (Idaco) is responsible for the project management.

The Cidade Olímpica Knowledge Square will be a permanent attraction after the Rio 2016. During the competions, only those with tickets will be allowed to visit. It´s located at the Praça do Trem, with a 2000 m2 building occupying a total area of 35.00 m² with two groups of solutions. The first part will hold the technological attractions and content that are standard in all Squares. The second will present the new group of features that make the link between science, technology and sports. These attractions are related to the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The building that hosts the Cidade Olímpica Square in a former train garage of the 19th century listed as historical heritage that was unused and total refurbished for the project.

The Cidade Olímpica Square has a total of 22 interactive experiences developed by YDreams. Among them are simulators for rowing, athletics and paralympic cycling competitions that will bring visitors within the competition atmosphere. A timeline with images and videos show the history of the games highlighting information regarding all countries, records and curiosities. An immersive movie room will all show all transformations Rio has had during the seven years the city has prepared itself for the Olympics, including a panoramic flight. Visitors will also have the opportunity to take a photo with the mascots Tom and Vinicius enjoying augmented reality technology. The real Olympic Torch and Medals will also be on display.

Through Virtual Reality the public will be able to experience a hang glide fly by the city of Rio de Janeiro and see from the top all the new ventures. Visitors will also be able to experience the feeling of being inside an athletic competition; The material was recorded for Virtual Reality headsets, in full 360o.

“One of the greatest legacies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for any city is the increase of the interest of young people in practicing sports. Through interactive experiences we´ve managed to tell this story in a immersive and attractive form. Our goal is to show how science and technology are present in the daily activities of amateur and professional athletes, with equipments, training and nutrition. We are very proud to be part of this beautiful legacy project that inspires everyone who visits it.”, says Daniel Japiassu, CEO for YDreams Global.

YDreams, in addition to creating the concept that brings design and technology together, directs these activities in order to arouse greater interest for digital knowledge in youngsters and all who live in these communities. Multi-touch panels and digital tables together with interactions based on movements help visitors learn more about masters of science and arts, the history of their neighbourhoods and as well as enjoying art exhibitions. Among activities offered completely free of charge to these communities are courses, researches and special classes for the schools nearby during week days. On weekends, the Vessels offer activities such as contests, cinema sessions and leisure in general. The Rio de Janeiro City Hall has stated the intention of building several new Knowledge Vessels by the end of 2017.


Visionary of the Year International Award

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) granted in June the 2016 Visionary of the Year Award to Rio de Janeiro’s Knowledge Squares (Nave de Conhecimento), acknowledging all social achievements since 2012 as the most important digital inclusion project ever implemented in Rio. “The Knowledge Squares project proves that the infrastructure required to overcome a city’s digital divide can come from inside the community and use neighborhoods as the hubs,” said ICF Co-Founder Louis Zacharilla.  “We have said, that in order to go from the tech revolution to community renaissance, there needs to be a bridge to affordably link technology and people; one that gives everyone an equal chance to access and then to unleash human potential in all its many forms. With its Knowledge Squares, Rio has that bridge.”

“Technology has imposed great changes in the way people live and interact. Projects like these help society, allowing people to have equal access and to learn advanced skills on new technologies, such as robotics, networks and Internet of Things, regardless of social class. YDreams Brasil is very proud to be part of such a successful enterprise, that changes lives”, says Daniel Japiassu, YDreams partner and operations director. During the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Rio city hall has announced that all Knowledge Vessels will be used as training centers for 70.000 volunteers.

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About YDreams Global

A YDreams Global (www.ydreamsglobal.com), present in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver (Canada), is a Design, Technology and Intelligence company created to respond challenges and demands of the Post-Digital times.

We work as partner of companies and brands to reframe their strategy through relevant human-centered ventures that integrated the digital experience with the physical presence and space. YDreams Global is capable of anticipating current and future challenges and connect them the needs of the market, building innovative concepts and deliverying with international excellency.

In July 2016, after completing a reverse-take over process, YDreams became the first Brazilian based technology company to be listed at TSX Ventures, one of the main global stock markets. In this new international stage, we expand our role to the key markets of North America.

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