YDreams Global offers virtual reality tour in the Amazon Forest

Activity was developed for Natura, Latin America´s most important cosmeticbrand, during the weekend in São Paulo, dedicated to sustainability

Vancouver, BC – October 18, 2016: YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. (YD – TSX.V) (A2AP0L –Germany) (“YDreams Global” or the “Company”) YDreams Global is pleased to announce that it has developed and is now presenting a new exhibit. The immersive experience named “Natura brings the Amazon Forest to you” was conceived and executed by YDreams Global using Virtual Reality technology.   It was one of the main attractions of São Paulo´s 6th edition of the “Sustainability Weekend” the once-a-year event dedicated to boost sustainability consciousness. The project is YDreams Global’s first assignment with Natura, the most important cosmetic brand in Latin American and a major global advertiser.

The venue for the “Sustainability Weekend” was the Parque Ibirapuera in São Paulo, which is equivalent in the city to New York´s Central Park.  At the venue visitors were invited to use special virtual reality glasses and to discover the beauties of the forest and many of the raw materials used by Natura to produce their Natura Ekos line, by enjoying a 360° three-minute video.

The content, produced specially for the activity, takes visitors through the Amazonian  igarapés vegetation. It provides an experience as if, in the middle of the Ibirapuera Park, one could stroll through the middle of the greatest rain forest in the world, and experience the routine of the people who live around the banks of the river. Denise Figueiredo, brand and consumer director for Natura, stated the key goal of the activity was to offer a unique experience. “We want to invite people to feel the thrill of visiting the most precious garden in the world: the Amazon.  “Virada Sustentável” is the perfect event for this emotional and immersive interaction”, stated Mr. Figueiredo.

YDreams Global, technology, design and intelligence agency focused on innovation, was responsible for creating the project key concepts, in addition to developing the 360° video. Daniel Japiassu, YDreams Global’s CEO, explained that the challenge was to bring the Amazon experience within the city and empower each visitor with the feelings and sensations of the forest. “At the end, visitors remove their glasses and see images projected of the largest forest in the world all around them. Another video will present the concept that the forest is within each one of us, associating it with the Natura brand and Ekos product line,” explained Mr. Japiassu. “The playful environment continues with intense Amazonian sound effects”, described the YDreams Global CEO, without spoiling the surprise at the end of the tour.