YDreams Global Reveals Patented Virtual Reality Gaming Technology “Arkave” in Las Vegas and Opens First Store in One of the Largest Shopping Malls of South America

YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSXV: YD) (OTC Pink: YDRMF) (FSE: A2AP0L) (“YDreams Global” or the “Company”), a creative technology supplier for Fortune 500 brands such as Cisco, Qualcomm, Intel and Coca-Cola, presents this week for the first time to the public “Arkave”, its new proprietary virtual reality gaming arenas franchise, at Latam Retail Show, largest retail, e-commerce, franchising and shopping mall fair in Latin America. The event takes place in São Paulo between August 29th and 31st with over 12,000 delegates, 230 international keynote speakers and 80 exhibitor companies.

The Latam Retail Show will be a kick off of a series of sales events in destinations located in major cities where gamers will be able to enjoy gameplay with a level of immersion and connectivity never experienced before in shopping malls and room scale location based entertainment venues.

The Company will showcase the technology at the Future of Immersive Leisure (“FIL”) event in Las Vegas, September 13th and 14th, the first event focused on business opportunities presented by immersive technology to the out of home entertainment industry. FIL 2017 features two days of conference sessions and an immersive technology showcase. The event is aimed at facilitating understanding of the business opportunities and constraints of immersive technology, as well as critical connection building and networking opportunities among attraction owners, technology innovators, investors and more. YDreams Global will have the opportunity to display the technology to several industries, such as theme parks, video game, VR Arcades and museums.

Another important announcement is the opening of the first Flagship Store of YDreams Global product, Arkave. It is expected that by early October, Arkave will have its first official store inaugurated at one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. In each arena, up to three people can use wireless VR technology that allow them to see and move through the physical and virtual environments. All players can see each other, interact, touch and even talk to one another during the gaming activity. The first Arkave Store will have three arenas as well as several other VR activities and be a new source of revenue for the Company.

Daniel Japiassu, YDreams CEO, says the strategy for Arkave is to develop it into a best-selling international VR gaming franchise. “While the market for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities continues to grow with aggressive numbers, our goal is to be a global network of connected VR gaming arenas. With a franchising business model we will be a very appealing new offer to this segment,” states Mr. Japiassu.

The YDreams Global CEO explains the Arkave technology makes it possible for players to challenge players or teams in Arkave units located in other cities or even abroad. “This amplifies the experience and opens new opportunities such as organizing international competitions,” says Mr. Japiassu.

In 2016 revenues of the gaming industry in the United States was over $23 billion, coming behind of China with over $24 billion. “Virtual Reality will play a major role in the video game industry that we are now a part of. By bringing multiplayer and full immersion to a wide network, Arkave has massive market potential,” states Mr. Japiassu.

Arkave is the second startup to work under the “Venture Builder” banner, a division that YDreams Global opened in 2016, with the aim of exploring, building and scaling up outstanding products and startups for global audiences, on industries such as VR, AR, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

For more information about the event: https://www.futureofimmersiveleisure.com/

For more information about Arkave: http://www.arkavevr.com