YDreams Global to Create Unique Virtual Reality Gaming Platform

YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: YD) (FSE: APY) (“YDreams Global” or the “Company”), a creative and technical supplier for Fortune 500 brands such as Cisco, Qualcomm, Intel, and Coca-Cola, who was recently invited to become a member of the prestigious VR/AR Association, would like to announce that it has created a unique gaming VR division.

Daniel Japiassu, director of YDreams states, “We are rapidly expanding our scalable VR/AR growth drivers. This new gaming platform will offer a scalable, unique experience that we are very excited to unveil. We have recently completed a capital injection that will enable the company to expand multiple VR projects and expand our sales team. We are looking forward to 2017 as a break out year for YDreams.”

As part of the Company’s strategy to increase their VR and AR R&D team and develop products using these technologies, YDreams Global is developing a Gaming Platform for Virtual Reality and will explore the VR gaming market in 2017. The gaming industry for VR is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and the Company is set to develop a new gaming system that will offer a unique worldwide VR gaming entertainment option.

Following the announcement by the Company regarding its VR Simulation for Military training, the initial studies by the team showed that the same Technology would fit perfectly into another important segment: entertainment.

The Gaming Platform will use proprietary Games developed by the Company and use an innovative distribution platform to allow the creation of a worldwide network of the VR Games produced by the Company.