South America’s Largest Aquarium Opens with Ydreams Global as Its Immersive Augmented Reality Technology Partner

VANCOUVER, BC /  YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: YD) (FSE: A2AP0L) (“YDreams Global” and the “Company”), wishes to report a successful augmented reality partnership with the largest aquarium in South America. As the creative and technology partner of the aquarium , which opened in November, YDreams Global developed a virtual aquarium and other interactive experiences that enable an entertaining approach to the knowledge of marine fauna.

Daniel Japiassu, the Company’s CEO stated, “YDreams Global’s virtual aquarium segment has been scaled out in multiple locations linked together such as shopping malls. We anticipate making a much larger push in this area and foresee this technology as a significant potential driver of revenue for the Company as the scalability of this augmented reality aspect has a recurring revenue stream associated with it as well. This provides the customer with the benefit of increased traffic to their location as many customers will return to the virtual aquarium to maintain their fish. We have seen an increase in mall traffic in the locations we have implemented this technology. We are very excited about the growth of the exhibit YDreams Global has created and the recurring revenue it provides.”

Visitors to the new AquaRio, the largest marine aquarium in South America that recently opened in Rio de Janeiro, have the opportunity to meet the more than 350 species that inhabit its 28 tanks and have fun with a series of interactive experiences developed by YDreams Global. The first weekend met with such demand as to exceed all available tickets for the venue.

The main attraction is the Virtual Aquarium, a digital environment where visitors are invited to create a virtual pet fish and customize its features. The experience begins at a creation kiosk with a videowall where they can see their new virtual friend.

After choosing from several available species, colors and sizes, the customized virtual fish can then be named and saved, using a purchased RFID card. From that moment on, the virtual pet becomes the visitor’s host to AquaRio, appearing throughout the visit on smaller virtual aquariums terminals, the YFish terminals.

Marcos Alves, Director of YDreams Global Products Division, explains how the owners of the virtual pets feel compelled to return to AquaRio in order to feed them and monitor their development, thus assuring that the virtual fish thrives and allows for the unlocking of new features. “The Virtual Aquarium is one of the products created by YDreams Global that combines the physical world with a digital experience, focusing on technological solutions that enable customers to maximize their results, through increased customer loyalty and constant attraction and flow,” explains Mr. Marcos. In the case of AquaRio, the product was customized by YDreams Global to stimulate frequent visits to the new tourist attraction and generate a new source of revenue.

Detailed information and explanations about the world’s oceans are available on large interactive multi-touch screens, where up to three visitors can simultaneously play with multimedia content regarding sustainability and ecology.

Immersive augmented reality experiences allow visitors to virtually interact with various species of marine life, such as turtles, dolphins, and whales. Through a digital mirror, visitors can also have marine species magically floating and rotating in front of them, as they move their hands in the air to control an interactive experience that provides detailed information about their biology.

In order to strengthening the cultural and educational aspects of AquaRio, YDreams Global has also developed a multimedia guide about one of the most intriguing family of marine species: sharks. Visitors are able to access a wealth of entertaining information and multimedia content about the main species of sharks that live along the Brazilian coast.

To complete the tour, YDreams Global created several interactive spots that support the overall operation of AquaRio, such as kiosks with location guides, digital signage at the box-office with dynamic information concerning tickets and also digital information panels on each of the tanks.