• Bradesco Next
    Concept Store
  • Qualcomm at Futurecom
    Interactive Booth
  • Bohemia Brewery
    Interactive Tour
  • Coca-Cola House
    Brand Experience
  • Coca-Cola Trophy Tour
    Brand Experience
  • Knowledge Vessels
    Smart Cities
  • Petrobras at World Energy Congress South Korea
    Interactive Booth
  • Senna Emotion
    Interactive Exhibition


YDreams Global

YDreams Global (CVE:YD) with offices in Vancouver, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is a reference in innovative projects and products that combine Technology, Design and Content to respond to challenges of the Age of Experience.

YDreams works as a partner with companies and brands to reframe their strategy through relevant initiatives that have integrated the digital experience with the physical presence and space. The company is capable of anticipating future challenges and connect them to the needs of the market, by building innovative concepts and delivering results with international excellence.

In July 2016, after completing a reverse-take over process, YDreams became the first Brazilian based technology company to be listed on TSX Ventures, one of the main stock exchanges of the world. On this new international stage, YDreams adopted the Global signature, assumed a new visual identity and expanded its role to the key markets of North America.

YDreams Global creates and delivers products, services and knowledge in the form of Flagship stores, immersive exhibitions, interactive museums, innovation rooms, technological corporative stands, touch points and sensory retail exhibitors.

The company has a multidisciplinary team motivated by the challenge of promoting positive impact on the lives clients and consumers. The global portfolio has over 1000 projects in 30 countries and more than 5000 interactive experiences in two decades of operating internationally.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Design Thinking, Ambient Intelligence, Internet Of Things (IoT), Interactive Museum, Immersive Exhibithions, Flagship Stores, Touch Points, Brand Experience, Interactive Media, Ubiquitous Computing, Robotic, Mixed Reality, Natural User Interfaces (NUI), Human Centered Design, Multitouch, Calm Technology.